7 Signs You Could Benefit from Couples’ Counseling

For many years, there has been a social stigma about couples (or individuals) who seek therapy or counseling to process issues in their relationships. Many couples delay or avoid seeking professional support all together because they fear they will be judged or seen somehow as dysfunctional or weak. We also live in a society that paints a fairytale picture of relationships and pushes us all to achieve perfection.

If you have been thinking that your relationship could benefit from counseling, follow your gut. There is no shame in seeking help, and it can even be seen as a sign of strength. Seeking help sooner rather than later can help address current issues and prevent future problems from developing. Here are some signs that you might want to consider when seeking the help of a couples’ counselor:

Signs it May be Time to Seek Out Couples Counseling

  1. Strained communication: One of the most common relationship issues stems from strained communication. A couples’ counselor can help you identify communication problems and develop specific and effective new ways to communicate openly.
  2. You or your spouse keeps secrets:  Openness and honesty are the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. If you are keeping secrets of any kind, or think your partner is, it might be time for professional support.
  3. You are considering having an affair:  Emotional or physical infidelity is another glaring sign of a relationship problem. If you would like to save your relationship, counseling is a great next step.
  4. Your level of intimacy changes significantly: If your physical intimacy has changed significantly over time, you may want to find a way to talk about this with the help of a professional counselor.
  5. You have ongoing relationship issues:  All relationships have problems at times, but if you feel that your problems are ongoing and constant, that may also be a sign that you might benefit from couples’ counseling.
  6. You bicker regularly: Negative communication including bickering frequently can leave one partner (or both partners) feeling bad about themselves, insecure and withdrawn. A couples’ counselor can help you with making your communication more positive.
  7. Your lives are less connected:  Many couples report that they feel like they are disconnected, living together more like roommates than romantic partners.

Experienced Couples Counselors in North Carolina

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