Child Counseling in North Carolina

Our team of child psychologists have years of experience providing child counseling in North Carolina. At CBT Counseling Centers, we recognize that children present unique challenges when it comes to counseling and testing services.

As a parent, you’re likely worried when and if you bring in your child for help that they won’t know what to expect. Because of our experience offering child counseling in North Carolina for many years, our therapists work extremely hard to create a child friendly and family friendly environment. From the moment you walk in the doors of our facility, you’ll instantly be welcomed by our friendly staff and have access to our comfortable setting that was designed with children and families in mind.


Help Your Children Deal With Tough Challenges with Child Counseling in North Carolina

There’s little doubt that today’s children are facing a wide array of challenges and problems, many of which their own parents either never had to deal with, or didn’t have to deal with until much later in life. For this reason, our child counseling in North Carolina is focused on helping these children in any way that we can. The level of child counseling in North Carolina that we provide varies completely on the individual. Some children are struggling due to a psychological or biological problem, while others simply need help during a difficult time in their lives. Others may need help developing proper life skills. At CBT Counseling Centers, our child counseling in North Carolina helps to involve the child in the goal setting process, only after they’ve become comfortable with their child therapist.

Types of Child Counseling in North Carolina

At CBT Counseling Centers, we offer a wide array of child counseling services to help children with concerns due to:

  • Behavioral problems
  • Academic problems
  • Issues developing proper social skills
  • Separation anxiety
  • Temper tantrums
  • Issues arising from ADHD or learning disabilities
  • Childhood anxiety
  • Childhood Depression

Individualized Child Counseling in North Carolina at CBT Counseling Centers

Because each child and family are completely unique, we decide on a case by case basis whether individual therapy, family therapy, or some combination of both are best. To learn more about our child counseling in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to reach out to CBT Counseling Centers today. We’re based in the Asheville area, and have flexible hours including evenings and weekends to ensure we’re available for the needs of our clients. We look forward to meeting you and your child soon.

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