Faith Based Counseling in Fairview NC

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of research on the relationship between faith and mental health treatment. This research has informed the development of faith based counseling practices and a general shift in the world of psychology. Where once the topic of faith and spirituality was seen as taboo, health practitioners are increasingly aware of the role faith plays in health outcomes for patients. For this reason, CBT Counseling Centers is proud to offer faith based counseling services to people in the Fairview, NC area.

How Prayer Can Improve Mental Health

It might not be so surprising to learn that prayer has an impact on mental health that is similar to meditation. Both practices induce what is called a “relaxation response” which causes a reduced metabolism, reduced heart rate and breathing rate. This leads to an overall calmer perspective and has a measurable effect on calming brain waves. Prayer is an often incorporated technique in faith based counseling.

Social Support in Religious Communities Through Faith Based Counseling

Another way faith can help improve mental health outcomes is the social support offered by religious organizations. It has long been known that a patient’s ability to cope with mental illness is heavily influenced by the amount and quality of support they receive. Patients who are isolated or ostracized may not be as resilient as those who are engaged with their faith based community.

Structured social activities like attending services and participating in regular groups and meetings can provide stable support with lower potential for anxiety. Kinship, togetherness and the opportunity to volunteer with helping others can significantly impact an individual’s mental health for the better. Religious organizations may even have clergy that are educated in providing faith based counseling services.


Faith Based Counseling from CBT Counseling Centers

As mental healthcare providers in the Fairview, NC area, we are pleased to offer faith based counseling services to adherents of any and all faiths, religious or spirituality. At CBT Counseling Centers, patients are free to incorporate their faith or spirituality in their treatment at whatever level they require. Our counselors will work with clients to ensure that they are in control of specifically which aspects of their faith are included and to what extent.

We are proud to be a non-discriminatory clinic and provide services to clients regardless of their religiosity or lack thereof. If you or someone you know may benefit from faith based counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy in general, be sure to give us a call at 828-350-1177.

Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.