Marriage Counseling near Fletcher NC

One of the main reasons that relationships break down is that people forget how to communicate. Sometimes people find it hard to talk as they feel they cannot openly express their feelings when they are talking to their partners. Others are reluctant to listen to their partners as they feel they will not like what their partner has to say.

Often the best chance that people have to recover their faltering relationship is to find the right space in which they feel comfortable in talking. That usually involves marriage counseling, and at CBT Counseling Centers, we are proud to offer marriage counseling in Fletcher, NC.

Better Understand Your Relationship with Marriage Counseling

At CBT Counseling Centers, we are experienced professionals within the realm of cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT for short. This is a ‘therapy by talking’ process that gives you the space and time to talk things out and hopefully change the way that you currently think and behave.

The first step though is for one of our counselors who specialize in marriage counseling to meet you both together so we can get an understanding of your relationship, and learn where problems are currently arising. We treat each new relationship as a blank slate and come armed with no preconceptions as we understand that every relationship is different.

It’s Our Aim to Improve Communication Through Marriage Counseling in Fletcher, NC

As we mentioned in our introduction, the main reason that even the most committed relationship can break down is because of communication issues. Our marriage counseling therapists will work hard to find ways of improving communication between the two of you, and to seek out any significant and damaging patterns within your relationship. Maintaining a healthy relationship can be complex as each side of the relationship has its own needs and expectations. With our CBT methods, we aim to allow people to find new perspectives concerning their relationships, and how to identify and avoid negative behavior patterns.

At CBT Counseling Centers We Can Help Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Our experienced, credentialed and highly-trained marriage counseling team is here for you. If you are thinking about marriage counseling in Fletcher, NC, then we very much hope that you will come to us to help you find the space to communicate and set things right.

We can be reached by phone at (828) 350-1177 or (828) 232 8934. You can also always reach out to us via email using the online contact form on our website.

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