Teen Counseling Black Mountain NC

The teenage years are filled with change. Physical changes, physical growth, emotional changes and intense social pressures are just a few of the issues teens deal with each and every day.

As a parent, it can be difficult to determine whether the behavior you see is normal and part of growing up, or something more. CBT Counseling Centers offers teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC.

Our team has extensive experience helping families navigate the teenage years and develop ways to cope with the challenges that your teen faces.

Some of the most common reasons that families seek teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC include: 

  • Depression and/or Anxiety – Mood disorders including depression and anxiety often surface during the teenage years so seeking teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC as early as possible can improve overall outcomes.
    Academic or school related issues: One signal that your teen is struggling is a noticeable drop or change in grades or interest in school.
  • Substance abuse: Many teens have access to alcohol and other drugs and may need teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC to get these issues under control.
  • Behavioral issues: Teens are asserting their independence as they prepare for adulthood. When this behavior goes too far or becomes concerning, CBT Counseling Center’s teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC can help.
  • Low confidence and self-esteem: The pressures on teens these days are intense and it is easy for teens to look on social media and feel isolated, like they do not matter. Teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC offers tools to improve confidence and adjust patterns of thinking that contribute to low self esteem.

Experienced Teen Counseling in Black Mountain, NC

CBT Counseling Centers uses cognitive behavioral therapy to treat teens that are struggling. Cognitive behavioral therapy is proven as a fast and highly effective treatment method for teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC. Our teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC focuses on working with families to identify the root causes of the concerning behaviors. Our counselors will then work with your teen to develop realistic goals and decision making skills that will reduce stress for your entire family. Our team has extensive experience working with teens, we understand this difficult age and how to reach and relate to teens without pushing them further away. In addition, if it turns out that your teen needs medication in addition to teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC, we have a psychiatrist on staff that can prescribe appropriate medications.

For more information about CBT Counseling Centers’ teen counseling in Black Mountain, NC, you can call 828-350-1177 to schedule an appointment.

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