Teen Counseling Leicester NC

We all remember what it is like to be a teenager. It is hard to see at that age, but teens are dealing with life “in between” being a child and an adult. Hormones are raging and many struggle with issues of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. This can impact day to day life and have real consequences if not managed well. Teens are not always accepting of support from parents, so you may feel powerless to help. CBT Counseling Centers understands the complex teenage years and as a result has developed a comprehensive program for teen counseling in Leicester, NC. Our counseling professionals can work closely with your teen as well as your whole family to give you the support that you need to navigate this tumultuous time. Our teen counseling in Leicester, NC is both safe and effective.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Highly Effective for Teen Counseling, Leicester NC

CBT Counseling Centers focuses its teen counseling services in Leicester, NC on what is known as cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a type of psychotherapy that helps teens identify negative thought patterns about themselves and develop ways to combat these patterns and behavior that can go hand in hand in the teenage years. If you are growing concerned about your teen, teen counseling in Leicester, NC may be a great solution for both your teen and your family. It is important to note that this type of therapy generally does not require medication and can be extremely effective for teen counseling in Leicester NC. However, should your teen need medication as part of their treatment plan, our teen counseling program in Leicester, NC does have a psychiatrist on staff who can prescribe appropriate medication and/or refer your teen to another medical provider.

Local Teen Counseling in Leicester NC

CBT Counseling Centers has two convenient locations offering teen counseling in Leicester NC. We have an East Asheville and a West Asheville location that have many convenient appointment times available. We take most insurance for teen counseling in Leicester, NC including Blue Cross/Blue Shield. So, if you are concerned that your teen is suffering from anxiety, depression, is suddenly struggling in school, having extreme emotional reactions or if your teen is having trouble getting along with friends, family or authority figures, it may be a good time to consider teen counseling in Leicester, NC with CBT Counseling Centers. Call us at 828-350-1177 to schedule an appointment for an initial assessment to discuss teen counseling in Leicester, NC.