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CBT Counseling Centers offers excellent and nationally recognized Teen Counseling in Montreat, NC. CBT Counseling Center stands for providing ‘Cognitive behavioral therapy,’ a revolutionary therapeutic intervention that works especially well for teen counseling in Montreat, NC. As teens’ brains develop, they become more open to the logic and reason that characterizes cognitive behavioral therapy. Teen counseling in Montreat, NC therefore benefits from the emphasis on helping teens identify patterns of thinking and behaving that can be dysfunctional and/or destructive.

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Teens often experience feelings in extreme ways, and cognitive behavioral therapy is also beneficial in helping teens and their families find the balance that they are looking for. The feelings that teens experience can be overwhelming and contribute to anxiety, depression and other dysfunctional and destructive behavior that can become problematic. Our program for teen counseling in Montreat, NC uses the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and is helpful with virtually any presenting issue. CBT Counseling Centers has provided effective teen counseling in Montreat, NC for everything from anxiety & depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, academic struggles and anger management.

The principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, as provided by our teen counseling in Montreat, NC, is based on the idea that there can be a strong and identifiable link between one’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. If a teenager experiences a feeling that is reinforced, it can lead to negative behaviors and negative self-impressions. Our teen counseling in Montreat, NC addresses the original thought by highlighting its inaccuracy and challenging the individual to reconsider the inaccurate self-impression. Small changes of perception, from negative to more positive, build on themselves, and the strategy becomes more successful in teen counseling in Montreat, NC as a result.

Teens are not all that different from other clients who benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy. But an important difference is that teens are in a very formative stage of development. Focus on the self is heightened and can result in a stronger need for teen counseling in Montreat, NC. So while teens may be more susceptible to the power of negative thinking and behaving, they can also exhibit a greater openness to the positive impact that cognitive behavioral therapy offers.

Experienced Teen Counseling in Montreat, NC

Our counselors have the depth of experience and professional expertise to provide excellent teen counseling in Montreat, NC. We have helped many local teens with the techniques that define cognitive behavioral therapy and, as a result, we have become leaders in teen counseling in Montreat NC.

If you are concerned about your teen, we are confident that CBT Counseling Centers can help you. To schedule an appointment for teen counseling in Montreat, NC with our East Asheville Office, call (828) 350-1177; for an appointment with our West Asheville Office, call (828) 232-8934.

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