5 Ways to Foster a Happy and Healthy Marriage

No matter how much you love someone, living with them day in, day out, can cause issues. No one is at their best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a happy and healthy marriage can take a great deal of hard work.

Here are 5 ways in which you can foster a happy and healthy marriage.

Respect One Another

No partnership is constantly in perfect harmony. Contented couples understand they are individuals too, and they respect that. If you can’t respect an attitude, feeling or requirement that your partner has, then your relationship is not going to last.

Common Values and Goals

Despite the fact that a couple are two individuals, there must be a fair degree of harmony or else the relationship is not going to work. Couples that have lots of commonality such as spiritual beliefs, shared interests and working towards common goals tend to remain together the longest.

Stay Close with Friends and Family

When you say ‘I do’, you’re entering into arguably the most critical relationship of your life. What some people do is shy away from other relationships once they’re married, which is often a mistake. While it’s important to recognize your marriage as your primary relationship, it’s healthy to also continue relationships with family and friends.

Sharing Finances

It doesn’t matter if one of you earns more than the other – you are a team and your finances need to be shared. You also each need a say in where the money goes, and you need to be open and honest about the money you are spending. Hold secrets and you will end up paying for it, and not in cash!

Have Fun!

If you can’t have fun with your partner, then eventually your relationship will hit a rocky road and you will no longer see the point of staying together. Learn to let loose, chill out and have fun!

If you feel your marriage has hit a sticky patch and you’re not sure how to get through it, then you may want to think about marriage counseling. Here at CBT Counseling Centers, we have trained therapists who will give you the time and space to say all you need to say and to explore how you are feeling.

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