In light of current CDC precautions, CBT Counseling Centers is happy to offer teletherapy services as an alternate to in-person sessions.

CBT Counseling Centers uses Doxy.Me as our preferred teletherapy method. If you are interested in switching your session to Doxy, please call our office at (828) 350-1177. Your therapist will schedule your appointment through Doxy, and you will receive a Welcome/Sign Up link to your email.

See below image for more information about getting started with Doxy:


Please sign the below release and return to our office to begin teletherapy with CBT Counseling Centers:

Consent for the Use of Televideo »

UPDATE 3/16/20: Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other insurance carriers have announced that it will cover teletherapy video AND phone sessions during this time. Please contact your therapist or our front office for more information.


Teletherapy in North Carolina | Call (828) 350-1177

We believe that your location or your busy schedule shouldn’t limit access to the exceptional mental health services we provide at CBT Counseling Centers. As recent studies have shown, Teletherapy offers very effective treatment with many benefits in comparison to in-person treatment.

Now you have the ease and convenience of speaking with one of our on-staff counselors, as you begin or continue your treatment path. At CBT Counseling Centers, we understand your active lifestyle and work hard to provide easier access and more benefits through our Teletherapy services that include:

  • Less Intensive and Less Intimidating Patient Care Than In-Office Visits
  • Flexible Scheduling With an Experienced Mental Health Professional
  • Personalized and Customized Psychotherapy
  • One-On-One counseling Over a Secure Connection
  • Limiting Your Travel Concerns (Wasted Time, Bad Weather Driving)
  • Confidential and Personalized One-On-One Teletherapy
  • Effective Mental Health Care at CBT Counseling Centers
  • The Flexibility to Stay on Your Treatment Schedule While Traveling
  • Eliminating The Need For Child Care During Your Session

CBT Counseling Centers is a trusted name in North Carolina that provides secure and remote teletheraphy with strong clinical outcomes very similar to in-office psychotherapy and counseling.

Now you or a loved one can enjoy the convenience of teletherapy and counseling while staying at home, calling from your office, or you can even call while traveling and visiting family within the great state of North Carolina.

Is Teletherapy Secure and Confidential?

Yes it is. We use a HIPAA-compliant platform that protects your privacy and confidentiality by office, computer or by phone. CBT Counseling Centers in North Carolina uses end-to-end encryption, securing our data while in transit and at rest. All our systems and policies are protected by a stringent data security access policy using the latest technology.

Now you have easier and improved access to mobile mental health care that accommodates your busy schedule and active lifestyle. In addition, if you or a loved one struggles with mobility or has transportation challenges CBT Counseling Centers can help.

Effective and Convenient Teletherapy in North Carolina