What is Faith Based Counseling?

One of the most critical factors in the success of counseling and therapy is a good match between the client and counselor. In an ideal setting, both client and counselor can relate to one another and this forms the basis of an open and trusting therapeutic relationship that allows healing to begin. In faith based counseling, this means providing science-based counseling techniques from a professional who shares, or at least understands without judgement, the faith of their client.

Why is Faith Based Counseling Important?

Almost 75% of Americans say that their approach to life is influenced by their spiritual beliefs. So it makes sense that for many, their emotional issues can have a strong spiritual component, as well. For those whose lives are guided by religious principles, it is critical to their healing that their counselor appreciates their faith in order to understand their background, boundaries and morals. This allows counselors to apply evidence-based counseling techniques that are most likely to be effective. Ignoring or misunderstanding this background can significantly hinder or undo the benefits of therapy.

Who Does Faith Based Counseling Help?

Here at CBT Counseling Centers, we understand that your faith is likely a huge part of your identity. We appreciate that it guides your choices and informs your worldview in a critical way. Ignoring this would be doing a disservice to our religious clients and the practice of therapy as a whole. With this in mind, we are an inclusive service provider. We know that faith can be significantly important to people, whatever their religious background. We are therefore proud to offer therapeutic services to clients of any religious or spiritual background.

We Welcome Clients of Any Religious Background

CBT Counseling Centers is proud to be an inclusive clinic. Clients can be assured of a respectful and understanding approach to this part of their identity. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Atheist or an adherent of any other spirituality or faith, we are here to help. We are sensitive to the fact that you may have engaged counseling services in the past that approached your faith as a problem, rather than just another factor in planning and executing treatment. Whatever your past experience, we are equipped to use effective, evidence-based therapy techniques that are enhanced by your faith, not in defiance of it. Everyone who struggles is deserving of help, compassion and understanding and that’s exactly why we’re here. So call us today at 828-232-8934 to get started on a personalized treatment plan that works.