Couples Counseling in Arden, NC

Being in a long-term relationship takes hard work, strong communication, mutual trust, and the ability to manage conflict and/or crisis in a compatible way. Over time, it is natural to struggle with one or more of these issues and decide to seek support from a professional. This is not admitting weakness or a sign that your relationship is in serious trouble. In fact, seeking couples counseling in Arden, NC can be just the opposite. It can be a quick tune-up to get your relationship back where you want it. CBT Counseling Centers offers couples counseling in Arden, NC and can help you with any type of relationship issue, large or small.

Why Seek Couples Counseling in Arden, NC?

Couples counseling in Arden, NC at CBT Counseling Centers begins with a combination of compassionate care and cognitive behavioral therapy. We have found that cognitive behavior therapy is ideal for couples counseling in Arden, NC because it can help with a wide variety of common marital problems including communication issues, trust and intimacy issues. Our experienced counselors can help you reconnect with your partner, help re-establish trust if there has been infidelity, and can help you and your partner effectively deal with the stress and many difficult circumstances that come up in your life.

Our team will work to get to know both you and your partner. We will learn about your goals for your relationship, your struggles and your strengths and help you focus on the areas where you both agree you want to work. Couples counseling in Arden, NC is often highly successful because cognitive behavioral therapy is a tangible way to work on your relationship. You can see the results when you communicate and when you challenge your thought patterns.

Effective Couples Counseling in Arden, NC

Whether you and your partner are in need of a minor tune up, or if you have tried and have come to the difficult decision that it is time to separate, couples counseling in Arden, NC can help you navigate the next step in your relationship. Our counselors providing couples counseling in Arden, NC are compassionate, experienced and use an evidenced based approach to help you and your partner find solutions for the issues that you face. Our couples counseling in Arden, NC will meet you where you are and help you with the issues that you bring forward.

For more information about couples counseling in Arden, NC, call the team at CBT Counseling Centers at 828-350-1177 to schedule an appointment.

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