Faith Based Counseling in Hendersonville NC

At CBT Counseling Centers, we offer faith based counseling for clients in the Hendersonville, NC area. You may have questions about what exactly faith based counseling is, so we’ve compiled this guide to a few important techniques in the practice of this type of treatment. This article should help you learn more about what you can expect from faith based counseling.

Respect and Acceptance

Allowing clients to express the degree to which their religion or spirituality influences their daily life is a key component of faith based counseling. Accepting this information without judgement is a critical part of providing these services. Counselors can then adjust their language to the level of comfort for each individual client. For example, some clients may respond well to the inclusion of scripture in their therapy sessions, others may not. A highly individualized approach to faith based counseling based on personal preference is required.

Using Religion to Focus Strength

Using religious tradition and belief in something sacred can be a font of strength for clients to draw on as they learn to cope with and overcome mental health issues. Adherence to a moral code guided by one’s faith is often ingrained in believers. By relating their issues to their faith, counselors can help enable clients to draw upon this existing strength and stability. Likewise, in faith based counseling, complex issues can be framed in a religious context that may help clients to determine their own solutions, which is a valuable skill.

Balancing Expectations with Faith Based Counseling

While for many, their religious beliefs can be a source of strength, they can also sometimes be a source of conflict for others. For example, when mental health issues make someone feel ostracized by their faith or can make them feel they are letting down the higher power in which they believe. In faith based counseling, counselors can understand these conflicts and help to reframe them in a way that is more healthy for their clients.


Faith Based Counseling from the Team at CBT Counseling Centers

At CBT Counseling Centers, we offer services to clients of any and every faith or background in the Hendersonville, NC area. We are proud to be a non-discriminatory clinic and provide services to clients regardless of their religiosity or lack thereof. If you think that you may benefit from faith based counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy, give us a call today at 828-350-1177 to begin your journey to healing.

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