Could Social Media be Linked to Depression?

The mental health professionals of CBT Counseling Centers have helped a great number of individuals experiencing some form of depression.  For years, we have suspected that some of the rise in the number of cases of depression is linked to time spent on social media.  Social media is still a relatively new form of communication, so research on its impact on individuals has been spotty.  But new studies are verifying our understanding of the impact that social media is having on our society, and that research is bearing out that social media is, in fact, linked to depression.

Can Time on Social Media Contribute to Depression?

If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time on social media and you are also dealing with some level of depression, we want to help you.  Even if you are not convinced of the link between your depression and the time you spend on social media, we can also help you develop strategies so that social media does not worsen your depression.  In addition, if you are concerned about a loved-one who spends too much time on social media, we would be happy to discuss ways to help that loved-one.  The staff of CBT Counseling Centers is gaining greater knowledge of the dynamics of social media and we are able to apply that knowledge to our work with clients dealing with depression.

It is important to note that the link between social media and depression is not necessarily the same thing as social media causing depression.  In most cases, individuals who are experiencing depression trace that experience to multiple causes, and it would be inaccurate to suggest that eliminating social media from one’s life would also eliminate depression.  The research on social media’s impact on individuals, however, can no longer be ignored.  The indications that the isolation, distance, and passive communication that characterizes social media may be enhancing the effects of depression.

Developing Healthy Social Media Habits

Social media has a great many benefits, but because it is such a new addition to our society, its impact is only beginning to be understood.  We want to be at the forefront of helping people who are affected by social media’s less positive aspects.  Our approach to helping you or your loved-one with depression is based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and we employ those principles by learning from you such things as the frequency and intensity of your use of social media.  If, together, we determine that social media is playing a role in the manifestation of your depression, we can create a treatment plan to address it.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in treating depression because of its emphasis on helping you clarify your thoughts so that you can alter behaviors that are preventing you from living as fulfilling a life as you can.

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