Teen Counseling in Arden NC

There is nothing easy about being a teenager. No longer a child, not yet an adult and hormones in flux can result in a difficult period of time for a teenager and their parents. CBT Counseling Centers understands how difficult this period of time can be for a family which is why we’re so passionate about teen counseling in Arden, NC. The teenage years are often marked by testing the limits, which can result in a pattern of risky behavior as they try to fit in and find their place in the world. Our teen counseling in Arden, NC works with the teens as well as their entire families to really get to the root of the individual issues that are at play so that an effective treatment plan can be developed that will have the best possible chance of long-term success.

CBT Counseling Centers’ Teen Counseling in Arden, NC

CBT Counseling Centers’ teen counseling in Arden, NC can help teenagers who are battling anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia, academic challenges, and issues with anger. We use cognitive behavioral therapy as one treatment model that works with the teen and their parents to reshape their perceptions and their negative thought patterns. Teen counseling in Arden, NC provides support to you and your teen and helpful insight to help you navigate this difficult period of time with less stress and more confidence.

Support Your Teen with Teen Counseling in Arden, NC

Teens are faced with extreme pressure each and every day – peer pressure at school, pressure to fit in, and online pressure via social media play a huge part in a teenager’s outlook on life. Kids this day in age are looking for independence and to find their own voice, while still being too young to always make sound decisions. Parents have to work to give their teens some independence while balancing that with ensuring their safety. Teen counseling in Arden, NC can be an excellent and highly effective tool for managing all of these issues in a healthier way.

If you are interested in learning more about teen counseling in Arden, NC from CBT Counseling Centers offers, you can contact one of our two Asheville offices at 828-350-1177 or 828-232-8934 to schedule an appointment. You are not alone and you and your teen can get through this difficult time. The team at CBT Counseling Centers can help by providing compassionate, effective and individualized teen counseling in Arden, NC starting today.

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