Teen Counseling in Candler NC

Life in the twenty-first century is more complicated than ever. Teens are under enormous pressure to take high level classes, get good grades, think about college, all while juggling the many social pressures of the age. If you are concerned that your teen might be anxious, depressed or just need a little extra support, CBT Counseling Centers can help. Our team offers teen counseling in Candler, NC to help teens deal with the day to day pressures that they face and develop strategies for navigating their complex world.

Teen Counseling in Candler NC

CBT Counseling Centers has advanced resources available for teen counseling Candler NC, allowing our therapists to work closely with teens who struggle with a wide range of issues. Being a teenager in this day and age is not easy. But cognitive behavioral therapy is proving to be an important advancement in the profession of teen counseling in Candler NC. Cognitive behavioral therapy, as practiced by the highly trained professionals of CBT Counseling Centers, gives teens in Candler NC an opportunity to check their perceptions for distortions that are detracting from their quality of life.

The teen years have always been difficult, but it is possible that life for teenagers now is even more difficult than ever because of the prevalence of social media, the constant messages that they may not measure up, and the yearning for perfection that affects so many teens. Fortunately, though, there are options for excellent teen counseling in Candler NC, as provided by CBT Counseling Centers.

Teen Counseling in Candler, NC Offers Support to your Teenager

Our team has established strong, professional working relationships with the teens we serve, and provide the kind of teen counseling in Candler NC that young people can relate to. As teens’ minds grow and develop, so too do their critical thinking skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy works well for teens because it encourages teens to employ their developing critical thinking skills. Our teen counseling in Candler NC encourages teens to use their critical thinking skills on a daily basis to determine the quality of a new movie, the look of new fashion, and the behavior of classmates. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows them to use those same skills on themselves, and in particular their own perceptions of the world around them.

When a teenager’s perceptions become confusing or distorted, a young person may develop thoughts and feelings of negativity about themselves. At such times, teen counseling in Candler, NC with CBT Counseling Centers can be enormously helpful in managing and realigning the distorted perceptions. You can contact us by calling 828-350-1177 (East Asheville Office); 828-232-8934 (West Asheville Office) to find out more information about our teen counseling in Candler, NC.

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