Therapist Near Fairview NC

If you have considered seeing a licensed therapist before, you may have had questions about the services they offer. If you live in or near Fairview, NC, consider giving us a call at CBT Counseling Centers to inquire about the specific services we offer at all of our locations and via teletherapy. We have a team of licensed therapists who are trained and experienced in a whole host of scientific and evidence-based therapy techniques.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a psychotherapy method specifically designed to help change negative thinking patterns and behaviors. Instead, it seeks to remap these habits and replace them with positive, healthier patterns. Extensive scientific research has confirmed that CBT is an effective treatment for many disorders that affect both children and adults. It has the benefit of long-term effectiveness as clients apply the tactics they have learned from our licensed therapists.

Other Science Based Techniques Provided By Our Licensed Therapists

CBT Counseling Centers is pleased to be a treatment center that offers only the best and most effective science based therapy options. In fact, we are the only treatment center in Western North Carolina that is focused solely on evidence based care methods. This means our therapists offer only the most effective and beneficial methods of treatment, which ensures that you start benefiting as soon as possible once matched with a therapist at one of our five locations.

Teletherapy Makes Finding A Therapist Accessible to Everyone

We are also pleased to offer teletherapy options to our clients. Attending appointments with therapists in an office may be intimidating or overwhelming to some, depending on their reasons for seeking a therapist. In those cases, we believe that no one should be cut off from seeking help from a qualified therapist. So, we’ve made it possible for clients in and around the Fairview area to meet with a licensed therapist by telephone or internet, should in-person appointments be out of the question.

Compassionate Therapists to Help Tackle Any Issue

Whatever the issue, CBT Counseling Centers has a therapist experienced and suited to the task of guiding you to a healthier future. We take a compassionate and educated approach to treating clients of any background, regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, culture or religion. We are proud to be an all-inclusive treatment center and provide a safe and healing place for every client.

Get Started Today By Calling CBT Counseling Centers

If this is first time you’ve stumbled upon the CBT Counseling Centers website, it’s likely because you believe that you or somebody you care about could benefit from speaking with a professional therapist. So, kudos for taking the very first step! We’d be happy to hear from you and answer any questions or concerns you might have or to book an appointment with any of our licensed and experienced therapists in and around Fairview NC. Call us today at 828-350-1177 to start your healing journey.