Therapist Near Leicester NC

As a leader in the Leicester area, CBT Counseling Centers is proud to be on the forefront of leading treatments for a wide variety of issues. As well as offering cognitive behavioral therapy and other scientifically proven treatments from licensed therapists for all mental and emotional health issues, we also offer specialized treatment programs for specific problems. For clients in or near Leicester, NC, our therapists are here to help!

Jump Start For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

For those in Western North Carolina struggling with OCD, our Jump Start program is specifically designed by leading therapists to treat the often debilitating symptoms of this disorder. Through exposure and response prevention (ERP), we deliver our gold standard of care in this Intensive Exposure Program (IEP), delivered by rigorously trained and specialized therapists.

How It Works

The first part of the program consists of exposure therapy with a trained therapist. This involves exposing participants to the content of their obsession for a specific amount of time, either through imagination or in the course of everyday life. This can help minimize the impact of intrusive thoughts regarding the obsession. The second portion of the program deals with preventing the repetitive behaviors induced by the obsession. This ERP method of treatment has been shown through research to be incredibly effective and is often more effective than medication alone.

Personalized, Individual Treatment from Licensed and Compassionate Therapists

Active treatment throughout this program consists of meeting individually with a licensed therapist 3 hours a day, 3 days a week for 3 weeks with the option to continue for additional weeks depending on progress. There are also additional group exercises and activities led by trained therapists to help participants in setting goals and for education that will help them succeed in coping with this disorder. In addition, there are group sessions for loved ones of participants currently enrolled in the program to help ensure long term support and success.

Whatever the Issue, CBT Counseling Centers Can Help

While we are pleased to offer specialized programs like the one above, our trained therapists are trained to offer effective treatment for any and all mental health issues or struggles. Whether you’re experiencing trouble sleeping or with a specifically diagnosed disorder, give us a call! If you are struggling with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, feelings of sadness or are just struggling to cope personally or professionally, our licensed therapists can help. If you live in or near Leicester, NC, call us today at 828-350-1177 to get started!

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