Therapist Near Montreat NC

As a leader in North Carolina for research based treatments, CBT Counseling Centers is proud to be on the forefront of leading treatments for a wide variety of issues. As well as offering cognitive behavioral therapy and other scientifically proven treatments from licensed therapists for all mental and emotional health issues, we also offer specialized treatment programs for specific problems. For clients in or near Montreat, NC, we are here to help.

Behavioral Sleep Solutions Program

Our eight week treatment program for insomnia is based on cognitive behavioral therapy practices and delivered by licensed therapists. Sessions begin on a monthly basis and all participants are asked to complete a 90 minute session with one of our therapists before entering the program. For the first four weeks, participants attend weekly group classes designed to educate them on how thoughts, behaviors and our environment affects our sleep patterns. In addition, participants attend individual sessions with our therapists on a weekly basis throughout the entire program.

Long Term Benefits For Sleep Disorders

At the end of the eight week program, participants have learned a great deal to help them moving forward. They should be able to get restorative and healthy sleep without the use of medications. They will have learned how to create an environment conducive to sleep and have developed a sleep schedule specific to their individual needs. For clients whose sleep is disrupted by anxiety, they will exit the program equipped with tools from our licensed therapists that help combat the racing thoughts that keep them awake. The benefits to participants, their daily lives and their personal relationships is invaluable.

Reach Out For More Information

Whether your interest in seeing a therapist in the Montreat, NC area is due to behavioral sleep issues, or any other issue that may be plaquing you, give us a call for more information. Our licensed therapists can help with a host of struggles, so whatever is troubling you, know that you are not alone. We have a therapist who can match with you and your specific needs, whatever they may be.

If you are struggling with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, feelings of sadness or are just struggling to cope personally or professionally, our licensed therapists can help. So, whatever the issue, if you live in or near Montreat, NC, call CBT Counseling Centers today at 828-350-1177 to begin your journey to a healthier life!