Therapist in Hendersonville NC

Many people gain the wrong impression about therapy and think that it will not work for them. They think therapy involves lying on a couch and talking about your problems, while a therapist simply nods and takes notes. Once the session is over, the therapist will nod sagely, say “same time next week” and remind you to pay the bill on the way out.

Therapy is not like that at all. If you are currently concerned about any aspect of your mental health, then a therapist near your Hendersonville NC home can likely be of great assistance. At CBT Counseling Centers, we have a team of experienced and compassionate therapists who truly want to help you take back control of your life.

For Issues With All Types of Mental Wellness Contact a Therapist in the Hendersonville, NC Area

If you go to a doctor with a broken arm, then the doctor will fix that arm. You may consider that therapy is exactly the same – you go to a therapist with a problem and they will ‘fix’ you. This is a misconception. You cannot be ‘fixed’ because you are not broken.

The whole point of therapy is for you to be helped to uncover strengths within you that will allow you to deal with situations that you currently find stressful. You may feel that you do not have the mental strength or talent to deal with a specific situation, but that simply is not the case. With an experienced therapist, you will be allowed to explore your feelings, and you will learn how to put effective solutions into place.

Imagine you have a nail that you need to hammer in, but you do not own a hammer. You’ve tried pushing it in, bashing it with your fists, using your shoe … all to no avail. Therapy is a way of explaining that you had the hammer all along, but you did not know where it was.

No Matter the Issues You Are Facing a Therapist in Hendersonville NC Can Help

Just as there are countless ways that your body can fail you, there are countless ways that your mental state can fail you too. Our highly trained and credentialed therapists will make zero preconceptions about you and your personal situation. You will be given a safe space within which to talk about your feelings and your circumstances. From that starting point, future sessions will help you come to an understanding of the solutions within you.

If you are considering consulting with a therapist in Hendersonville, NC, then please think about contacting us here at CBT Counseling Centers. Call us at (828) 350-1177, or you are also welcome to email us using our contact form.

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