Anxiety Treatment in Candler, NC

Anxiety is extremely common in the United States. In fact, anxiety disorder is known to be the most common mental illness, impacting an estimated 40 million adults in our country. Anxiety can manifest in many different ways including as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorders, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. In addition, it is not at all uncommon for anxiety and depression to go hand in hand. If you or someone you love is suffering with anxiety, it might be time to get the help that you need. CBT Counseling Centers specializes in anxiety treatment in Candler, NC. Our team sees adults, teens and even children who are struggling with anxiety and need anxiety treatment in Candler, NC.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Effective Anxiety Treatment in Candler, NC

The foundation for CBT Counseling Center’s anxiety treatment in Candler, NC is called cognitive behavioral therapy. This approach is highly effective and backed by science. This technique combines behavioral therapy with cognitive therapy to empower individuals to gain a stronger understanding of the relationship between their thoughts, their feelings, and their behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps individuals modify their perceptions to become more accurate and helpful. When our perceptions change, we very often begin to feel better as well. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an extremely effective anxiety treatment in Candler, NC and is supported by data.

Personalized Anxiety Treatment in Candler, NC

Adults, teens and children can live with anxiety for many years before seeking treatment. There is no single cause – it can develop as a result of genetics, life events, and personality, and most often a combination of these factors. CBT Counseling Center’s anxiety treatment in Candler, NC can yield results very often without the use of medication. However, if our team finds that your anxiety treatment in Candler, NC would benefit from a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication, we have the staff onsite to complete this medical evaluation. We understand that every patient is different so we personalize anxiety treatment in Candler, NC to meet the unique needs of our patients.

CBT Counseling Center offers anxiety treatment in Candler, NC at two convenient Asheville locations. We accept most insurance and are currently considered in-network with both Blue Cross/Blue Shield as well as Medicare. If you are ready to take the next step on your path to achieving optimal health, call us today at 828-350-1177 to schedule an appointment.

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