Anxiety Treatment in Montreat, NC

Excessive worrying, feelings of agitation, a pounding heart, dizziness, shortness of breath and irritability are just some of the most common physical symptoms of anxiety. It’s important to realize that it is perfectly normal to have some of these symptoms occasionally and to be anxious in certain situations. However, when these symptoms over take and interfere with your day to day life and make it difficult to complete normal everyday tasks, it may be time to consider anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC. CBT Counseling Centers specializes in helping clients understand the root of their anxiety and develop a personalized anxiety treatment plan that will help you take control over your symptoms, rather than allowing them to take control over you. Our anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC is evidence based, highly effective and affordable.

CBT Counseling Centers Offers Anxiety Treatment in Montreat, NC

CBT Counseling Centers uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as the foundation for our anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC. Our team can help you address the perceptions that shape your day to day thinking. Cognitive behavioral therapy actually helps you understand the relationship between your thoughts, your feelings and how you behave. Cognitive behavioral therapy as an anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC is one of the only types of therapy that is effective for multiple anxiety conditions. Our team of healthcare providers uses CBT to treat adults, teens and even children who are battling anxiety, depression (which often goes hand in hand with anxiety), obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia, and anger management. In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, we also have a physician on staff who can prescribe medication for patients as a complement to CBT when necessary.

Effective Anxiety Treatment in Montreat, NC

Partnering with CBT Counseling Centers for anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC can decrease your anxiety symptoms and significantly improve your overall quality of life. Anxiety is highly prevalent in our country, with 40 million Americans affected every year. However, research estimates that less than 40% of these individuals seek treatment. If you have been struggling for weeks, months, or even years, it may be time to take the next step. CBT Counseling Centers understands that seeking anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC can be difficult and even scary. You can trust that our team will treat you and your family members with compassion and great care and work with you to help you find relief from your anxiety. For more information about anxiety treatment in Montreat, NC, call CBT Counseling Centers at (828) 350‑1177 (East Asheville Office) or (828) 232-8934 (West Asheville Office).

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