Anxiety Treatment Fletcher NC

Are you struggling with anxiety that has started to interfere with your daily life as well as relationships with loved ones? If so, know that anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC is available from CBT Counseling Centers. We’ve been providing anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC and the surrounding areas for many years and are aware of the internal struggles that you’re currently experiencing on a daily basis.

Types of Anxiety

There are typically three types of anxiety that we see in our offices when offering anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC. These include:


  • Generalized Anxiety – A psychological disorder centered around excessive anxiety surrounding a multitude of areas of life which could include social relationships, work, or financial issues.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive – A mental health disorder that causes individuals to become trapped in a cycle of compulsions or obsessions.
  • Panic Disorders – A psychiatric disorder that causes severe anxiety that is often debilitating and frequent in occurrence, but often has no reasonable cause.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Treatment in Fletcher NC

When we’re offering anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC, the most common treatment method we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT. This form of depression and anxiety treatment consists of therapists working with a client to not only identify brain patterns that could be causing anxiety, but also to find a connection between these thoughts and the behaviors that are associated with them. CBT anxiety treatment contends that a client’s thoughts about a certain situation can impact their behaviors and feelings, not necessarily the event itself. The goal of CBT is to work through anxiety treatment so that a client can decrease the number of times as well as the intensity of these anxiety inducing experiences.

Not only is CBT effective, but it’s also backed by rigorous scientific research as a viable anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC and beyond. In addition to CBT, our experienced therapists are also well trained and experienced in other evidence based psychotherapy options.

Privacy is Paramount for Anxiety Treatment in Fletcher NC

At CBT Counseling Centers, we understand the importance of patient privacy when it comes to anxiety treatment in Fletcher NC. For this reason, we work extremely hard to follow all necessary regulations concerning patient privacy. We’ll never disclose any unauthorized health related information with third parties unless required to by law or in certain situations where there is a belief that imminent danger or self-harm are apparent.

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If you’re continuing to struggle with debilitating anxiety, we can help. Regardless of where you’re located in Western North Carolina, we have two locations that provide comprehensive depression and anxiety treatment. Give us a call today to setup an appointment with one of our therapists.