Anxiety Treatment in Leicester, NC

CBT Counseling Centers can help you by providing anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC. Anxiety affects millions of people in the United States. Anxiety manifests differently in different people and our team understands that each of our patients is unique, and the circumstances of your life are unique as well. Anxiety may be a normal response to life’s stresses, but if you have lost your ability to control your responses to stress, anxiety might have become overwhelming for you. The staff of CBT Counseling is uniquely qualified to help you and provides anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC. Our staff is known for their natural care and compassion, and those qualities are combined with their employment of the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is our most frequently used anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC. This is due to the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy as an anxiety treatment.

Effective Anxiety Treatment in Leicester, NC

Anxiety is also related to such experiences as panic disorder, phobias that cause anxiety, social anxiety, and other related conditions. Because of the interrelatedness of these issues, cognitive behavioral therapy is also an effective treatment for those issues as well. If your current understanding of your own anxiety does not include definitions of other effects of anxiety, it may help to know that cognitive behavioral therapy is an extremely versatile anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC for many reasons. One of the more compelling reasons for its effectiveness is that it provides you with strategies for examining negative thoughts that contribute to anxiety and provides behavioral strategies to more thoroughly understand how and why you react to situations that trigger your anxiety response. As we navigate our daily lives, we develop cognitive and behavioral patterns. We reinforce the use of such patterns largely because they have proven successful. Over time, however, those patterns can become entrenched and disallow us from being able to see that they are contributors to anxiety. Applying the principles of CBT as an anxiety treatment in Leicester, NC can help you reframe the situations that have before elicited anxiety.

While a certain amount of anxiety is normal, natural, and necessary to function in a complex world, anxiety can take on a more prominent role in our lives than is healthy and/or sustainable. Our staff can help you understand how anxiety is affecting your life and empower you to make changes that allow anxiety to play a healthier role in your life.

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