Teen Counseling in North Carolina

Everyone remembers their lives as teenagers. Hormones were raging, and the opinions of our parents were virtually worthless. While we all remember these tough times where we were trying to establish ourselves as young adults, today’s teens face far more social pressures than we could have ever imagined. For this reason, at CBT Counseling Centers, our teen counseling in North Carolina is one of our more sought after treatment plans.

Are You Concerned That Your Teen May be Involved in Risky Behavior?

Below are a few questions we often ask parents when they’re considering teen counseling in North Carolina:

  • Is your teen having trouble getting along with family, friends or certain authority figures?
  • Does your teen’s emotional reactions to certain situations seem excessive?
  • Are your teen’s poor choices making it difficult for you to trust him or her, which is causing you to be anxious about their future?
  • Do you wish you had assistance with ensuring your child could achieve social, academic and emotional success?

There’s little doubt that being a teenager can be incredibly hard, especially with today’s onslaught of additional pressure due to social media. During the teen years, children are often looking to find independence and are also putting a strong emphasis on their peer relationships. They’re struggling to find their own identity as they try to fit in with others, which is never easy for anyone, regardless of age.

In our teen counseling in North Carolina, we work with teenagers as well as their families to identify the root causes of certain behaviors in ways that are easy for young people to understand. By working with our therapists offering teen counseling in North Carolina, we can help your teen to identify and stick to realistic goals and also make better decisions that will ease some of the stress that parents are experiencing.

Finding the Right Therapist Offering Teen Counseling in North Carolina

The connection between patient and therapist is always important, but possibly more so when it comes to teen counseling in North Carolina. At CBT Counseling Centers, we have a number of different licensed and experienced teen counselors that should have no problem connecting with your child. To learn more about our different therapists offering teen counseling in North Carolina, don’t hesitate to give us a call today to setup a free consultation. We provide services in the Asheville area and are always willing to answer any questions you may have about our teen counseling services over the phone when possible.

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